Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blast From the Past: Two Year Anniversary in 2011

In February of 2011, Dan and I celebrated two years of dating. It feels slightly weird writing about it now since we are well on our way to FOUR years, but hey, the weekend of this anniversary was AMAZING, and I want to capture the memories forever.

Dan told me in early February of that year that he had a surprise for me over the weekend of our anniversary (the 25th). I went along with it because he always plans the best surprises! This one did not disappoint. We woke up early on a Saturday morning and started driving... it took two and a half hours to get where we were going, which was Alamosa, Colorado. He wouldn't tell me where we were heading until we got there, though. When we arrived in the tiny town, I was confused... until he took me to the train station. He had booked a "Winter Wonderland" train ride through the gorgeous and snowy mountains! (I love trains, by the way). It was an incredible time because there were so few people that we were able to really see everything. We stopped in La Veta, another tiny town, and had lunch. It was just BEAUTIFUL! When we got back to Alamosa that evening, I thought we were heading home, but Dan drove us to a hotel he had reserved with an indoor water park! Talk about fun! We headed out for Mexican food first (my favorite!) and enjoyed giant margaritas... and then we went back and played in the pool. It was a blast! On Sunday, Dan took me to an alligator/crocodile farm, where all kinds of gators live who have been rescued. It was a REALLY fun experience, and we even got to hold a baby! SO AMAZING. Overall, that was a weekend to remember... and I can't believe almost two years have passed since then! Craziness!

Sorry for the massive amount of photos! Oops! :) 

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