Blasts From the Past

On this page, you can read about all of the random memories I want to preserve. It's taking a long time to catch up on them all, but I hope to finish by the end of 2012.

Let's Get the Important Stuff Out of the Way First: 

Janelle and Dan's Dating Story

Janelle and Dan's Engagement Story

And Now Everything Else:

Flying To Dinner on Second Date 2009

Dan's Birthday in 2009

Oklahoma City Trip 2009

Before Dan Left For the Prep School at USAFA 2009

USAFA Prep School Basic Training 2009

Long Distance Relationship 2009-2010

Thanksgiving Break / Leave 2009

Winter Break / Leave 2009

Valentine's Weekend 2010

Spring Break 2010

Dan's 21st Birthday 2010

Our First Year of Dating 2009-2010

Janelle's UCM Graduation 2010

Dan's USAFA Prep School Graduation 2010

Dan's USAFA Basic Training 2010

Summer in Colorado 2010

Fall of 2010

USAFA Parents' Weekend 2010

USAFA Birthday Ball 2010

Air Force v. Navy Football 2010

Halloween of 2010

Winter of 2010

USAFA 100's Night 2011

Two Year Anniversary 2011

USAFA Class of 2014 Recognition in 2011

Spring Break of 2011

Spring of 2011

Royal Gorge Bridge in 2011

Hot Date at the CQ 2012

Flying Team Wings Ceremony 2012

Superbowl Sunday 2012

Surprise Third Anniversary Date 2012

Our Third Anniversary 2012

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in 2012

Easter Day 5K 2012

Spontaneous Date 2012

Beer Scavenger Hunt 2012

Flying Team Piano Burn 2012

USAFA Graduation 2012 (Obama Speaking)

Fun With Friends in Kansas City 2012

Fun Day Date in Denver 2012

Serenity Springs Wildlife Center 2012

25th Birthday Dinner 2012

Seven Falls and a Sky Sox Game

Cave of the Winds 2012

USAFA Commitment Dinner 2012

The Color Run 5K 2012

Dan and Janelle's Outdoor Adventure, August 2012

USAFA Observatory Tour 2012

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