Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Fun

On Saturday morning, Dan and I woke up and walked to a little diner up the street that he had been wanting to try. It had all you can eat biscuits and gravy AND pancakes, and I had a grilled cheese (duh) since I hate breakfast food and don't eat meat. It was good, but I enjoyed the walk there and back with my lovemuffin even more.

While Dan napped on my couch, I lesson planned a bit and cleaned the kitchen. When he woke up, we decided that we wanted Sri Lankan food for dinner, so we headed downtown (about a mile away) to The Curry Leaf, which took FOREVER but was so delicious. We went to Coldstone afterward and split some Oreo Cream Filling and Cake Batter ice cream before going to our first move together since May -- isn't that crazy? It had been so long! We saw Flight, the new movie where Denzel Washington is an airline pilot who is an alcoholic, yet he crash lands a plane saving almost everyone on board. It was INTENSE, but it was pretty good.

Today, we have been cleaning all day... blah. Now Dan is doing his homework, so I'm soaking my feet in a yummy smelling bath and getting ready to read on my Nook. Life is pretty good. :)

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