Monday, December 31, 2012

Final Post of 2012

It's hard to believe that today is New Year's Eve. This is crazy to me, but I can't say that I'm too sad.  2012 was full of new adventures, and it was a good year, but I am excited to see what life has in store in 2013!

Dan and I spent a lot of time together and some time apart during 2012 as well (when he was overseas twice). I made this collage out of 16 photos that show exactly what 2012 was to us!

In 2012:
January: returned to work from an amazing winter vacation to the Bahamas, attended Dan's Flying Team Wings Ceremony (where he received his call sign), and set some goals for the year

February: celebrated three wonderful years with Dan, realized how unhappy I was at my job, saw Cirque du Soleil, and watched an ice skating championship

March: family visited for spring break, went to a teacher job fair, started applying for new teaching positions, and began coaching middle school track

April: had a wonderful track season, ran a 5K on Easter Day, interviewed for the job of my dreams, and accepted the job of my dreams

May: finished the school-year in Pueblo, saw President Obama speak at the Air Force Academy graduation, and saw Dan off to Beijing, China for a month

June: visited my family and friends in Kansas City, Missouri, missed Dan something fierce, got my first (and hopefully only) kidney stone, and welcomed Dan back to the States

July: celebrated a year of engagement with Dan, moved from an apartment into a house, turned 25, hosted my family at my new house, and sent Dan off to England for nearly a month

August: welcomed Dan back to the States, watched the Olympics (go Team USA gymnastics!), ran the Color Run, prepared for the beginning of the school-year, and welcomed my new kiddos

September: ran the Dirty Dash, attended the 4th of 5 Parents' Weekends at the Air Force Academy, spent a day hiking, and relaxed in Cripple Creek

October: had parent/teacher conferences at work, sent Dan off to Flying Team Regionals in Utah, saw The Giver in Denver, and had my mom out to stay for a long weekend

November: found a location for our wedding reception, celebrated Thanksgiving in Colorado Springs with Dan and my brother, Derek, took my first skiing lessons (and enjoyed them!), and tried many new recipes

December: finished the semester with my kiddos, moved buildings for school (just location, nothing else), traveled home to Missouri for Christmas, found my wedding dress, and attended a military ball 

Stay tuned to find out the address to my new blog! I will share it in a simple post tomorrow, and hopefully everyone will find it and follow me on there! This was a fun project (writing for 366 days), but I am so ready to move on to a better, updated blog. 

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