Friday, December 14, 2012

Fun Friday

Today, my students took their last district assessments for the semester, and they were SO happy to be done! All of the teachers were happy as well! ;)

We decided to have some fun classes today after the testing finished since they worked so hard all week. I combined my language arts class with the science class across the hall. We made a "goo" that resembled the slime from 1990s Nickelodeon, and then the students wrote a creative story about what it is called, how they "discovered" it, and what magical powers it has. It was fun!

Then, at the end of the day, we had an awards ceremony for the students, where they received awards for their accomplishments so far. That was followed by pizza and lots of socializing... and finally, we headed down to the gym, and I played basketball with the students! It was SO much fun, and they totally think I'm a hoopster -- go figure.

What a great way to end the week! :)

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