Sunday, December 16, 2012


This weekend, I have been pretty productive, though the productivity isn't completely true. What I mean by that is that yes, I have gotten a lot of things accomplished, but on my long list of things to do, they are not very high priorities.

That said, I did create my new blog and am working on getting it all figured out and set up so that on January 1st, I can begin posting there. I will link to it from here that day, so don't worry.

I finished my first edit of my novel also, which is SUCH a great feeling. I don't know exactly how to feel now, though, because it's kind of like I lost a friend. I don't know why. I still need to do my content edit, so I'll start that in 2013. I need a few weeks for my brain to distance itself from my work.

Dan and I leave Friday morning to drive to Kansas City -- I can't wait! The drive will be long, but we have wedding planning we can do in the car (such as creating guest lists... oh, what fun!)

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