Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blast From the Past: Dan's 21st Birthday

It just so happens that Dan turned 21 on a Saturday during his Prep School year at the Air Force Academy. That meant that I could easily make a weekend trip for his birthday and celebrate with him for his first drink at a casino! It was a lot of fun. We went to dinner with two of our friends, Aaron and Lindsey, at a delicious Mexican restaurant, and then we headed to Cripple Creek to celebrate his ability to drink.

We got a hotel room for the night in the gambling town, and at 11:59, we walked down the stairs to let the fun begin! Dan had a shot of Crown Royal to begin his 21st, and we stayed out gambling and drinking (for free as long as you're playing!) until 5:30am. We had a 49 cent breakfast, and then crashed for a long time.

Afterward, we drove back to Colorado Springs and hung out all day and went out to a really weird 18+ (so his friends could go... remember, we're old!) club, which was fun too. It was a really fun weekend, and it was especially nice because it was right between Spring Break and Graduation, so it broke up the time for us. This is officially the very last post where we were long distance... how exciting!


love this picture :)

It feels great catching up on so many great memories! I can't wait to be all up-to-date...

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