Sunday, August 12, 2012

Forgetful Me

I totally forgot to post yesterday. It was a long day, so I'll blame it on being tired... but the day was actually really fun.

I woke up at 6:30am and got ready for The Color Run. Aaron showed up at 6:50, and we headed to Pikes Peak International Raceway, where the 5K race was held, and we had a BLAST! Dan couldn't go because of Flying Team practice, but we are running the Dirty Dash together on September 1st. :)

After that, Aaron and I went to La Baguette, where we were stared at for a while (covered in paint from the 5K and all... haha). Then, I came home and showered for a very long time to get *most* of the color off. I still have a bit left. Oops.

Then, Dan had a bunch of friends over to my house, and we grilled out and had a lot of fun. :)

This morning, Dan and I drove to Idaho Springs (two hours away) and went on a two hour zip line tour, and it was a BLAST!!! We also ate at Beau Jo's, which is always well worth it.

I will post pictures from The Color Run and of zip-lining in a separate post soon. :)

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