Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Outdoor Adventure

Last weekend, Dan and I decided to head out into the wilderness for a day. We were planning on camping under the stars the night before, but the cool temperatures scared us away from that (after a bad and extremely cold camping experience last fall), so we ended up just going out for the day. He's had his truck for several months now, but it was great to see what the Ram was capable of, and I can't wait to do something similar again.

We drove out to a trail Dan found online that was mostly for dirtbikes and 4x4s, but the Dodge Ram handled its own (with a few scares in small spots). We saw parts of the Waldo Canyon burn scar (depressing) and lots and lots of trees and wildlife. We took a short hike to a quarry that we found and had a picnic there (something we hadn't done all summer because of his travels). We found a very secluded area to shoot Dan's gun, and I was much better than last time (but still definitely not good -- but hey, I hit the target multiple times this time!!) Finally, we found our way to Farish Rec Area (where we are having our wedding) and fished and played with a chipmunk for a couple hours. It was great to spend an entire day with Dan (doesn't happen often since we're both so busy).

burn scar :( 


our beautiful wedding ceremony location! :)

he stole our salmon eggs while we were fishing!

he stole our salmon eggs while we were fishing!

he stole our salmon eggs while we were fishing!

I had nothing... he was just crawling up on my hand -- so cool! :) 

We had an extremely fun day just hanging out in the wild, and I hope we are able to do it again before it gets cold! After all, we were up higher in the mountains, and it's always chillier there anyway. I hope you enjoyed the pictures -- especially of the little chipmunk friend! 

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