Monday, January 23, 2012

Animal Cruelty

Do you think animal cruelty is okay? To drag cattle with a vehicle to take them to slaughter because they are SO sick from the ranchers' neglect that they can't even stand up and walk on their own? How do you feel about eating meat that comes from a sad, sick, injured animal? Is it humane in ANY way?

As a vegetarian of almost four years, I am against the killing of any animal for my consumption, period. However, with that said, I really couldn't care less what anyone else eats. Sure, I hate it when people flaunt their meat-eating in front of me or mock me for my choice, but I am not the type to push my views onto you... unless there is OUTRIGHT CRUELTY involved.

In the case of California Penal Code 599f, animals were protected from being tortured and disgraced before and during slaughter. Isn't it enough for them to be bred for meat? Why do people feel the need to intentionally HURT the poor animals before turning them into meat? Anyway, the case is being overturned by the United States Supreme Court, meaning that there is now NO protection for these animals whatsoever.

From the article on CNN, we can see that it WAS doing some good:

That state law became effective in 2009, following shocking undercover video released by the Humane Society. Slaughterhouse workers in San Bernardino County outside Los Angeles were shown dragging, prodding and bulldozing weak, "non-ambulatory" cows into slaughter pens. Water from hoses was used on some cattle lying on their sides, to force them to their feet.
Penal Code 599f would require meat processors to immediately remove downed animals and "humanely" euthanize them. And the sale, purchase or shipment of such animals would be criminally prohibited.

Now, I am not trying to start anything. Again, I do not care if you choose to eat meat. That's great for some people. THAT is not what I'm against. There are HUMANE ways to slaughter animals for meat, and my mission is to hope that you will CHOOSE to take the extra time to find out where your meat is coming from. I guarantee you that if you're getting your meat through fast food meals, though, that it is all factory farmed, and that the animals are NOT treated well. I urge you to read Jonathan Safron Foer's book Eating Animals (which can be found on Amazon or by visiting this link: ) He tells you why he still chooses to eat meat but how he makes sure it comes from the RIGHT places, not the cruel, inhumane ones.

Please make wise decisions regarding your food. No system is perfect, but some are much more ideal than others. Happy eating!


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