Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hot Date at the CQ

This afternoon, I rushed home from work for two reasons. First, I was just plain sick and tired of that place and needed to get away from those kids as soon as possible so I didn't explode. If you don't work with middle schoolers, you just wouldn't understand. But second (and more importantly), I had a dinner date with Dan, and it takes me a long time (about an hour and fifteen minutes) to get from the school all the way up to the Academy -- and then another 10 minutes driving on base to get to the Cadet Area where I can see him.

We used to meet up on Wednesdays pretty regularly. We did it all throughout his four degree year. It was our sacred night to have dinner and catch up, and we only missed a few all year. This year has been more difficult, though, because as a three degree, he is taking harder classes and he has Flying Team to worry about in his "free" time. Also, I am working a much greater distance away, so it's hard for me to get up there before the gates close to civilians. And don't even get me started on their stupid new rule of cadets not being allowed to call civilians on after 6:00. Who are they kidding? If the cadet doesn't have a car and is thus having someone come to the cadet area, how on EARTH are they supposed to get to the gate to sign their guests on? PLEASE. Luckily, Dan talked to his AOC about the issue, and he drafted up a MFR (I think that's what it's called) and had me proof it. His AOC took it to an AOC meeting, and they are working on cadets being able to obtain a 30 day pass for their guests like the active duty Airmen on the base can do -- woohoo! :)

Tonight, we met at Arnold Hall and ordered a pizza from Godfather's (half sausage and black olives for him, half onions, green peppers, and pineapples for me). We then walked back to Sijan Tower where Squadron 39 is located. Dan had a CQ shift from 6:00-9:00, but luckily, I was allowed to sit with him. We ate our dinner, talked about how our weeks are going so far, watched an episode of Last Man Standing, watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory, watched some random YouTube videos, and played with the SugarGliders his squadron has. On the way out, we made coffee at the Oasis. Overall, it was a really fun night, and I was not expecting a CQ date to be so much fun. Maybe I just really needed to see him in the middle of this rough week, but I had a blast!

I am incredibly exhausted from the day, but I still need to read for a little while to unwind. Off I go...


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