Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things Change

"The only thing that doesn't change is change itself." 

Today is Thursday, and that means it's time for me to answer another writing prompt I found online. Last week, I wrote about that five most important things in my life. This week, I will be making a list. It will include 5 things that change in my life, noting that not much, if anything, ever stays the same. I hate change. I am a creature of habit. Everyone who knows me knows that about me. But I am learning to go with the flow, to accept the change that is handed to me. Being a soon-to-be Air Force spouse is helping me realize that sometimes, you don't get to control your own life. I'm such a planner that it's hard for me, but I have come a long way in the past three years, that's for sure.

Here goes nothing!

Things that Change:

1. Where I live. I have moved twice in the past two years. First, I moved into a small apartment on the northern side of Colorado Springs. I stayed there for a little over a year and then moved to a BIG apartment on the southern side of Colorado Springs. I like the north side better, but I like this apartment better. I hate moving, but I better get used to it quick since I'm marrying into the military.

2. My job. Just like moving, I have had two jobs in the past two years. Right after graduation, I accepted a job at a charter school, and I stayed there for a year. Last spring, I applied for about 50 more jobs, and I ended up with one in Pueblo teaching middle school. I may be looking again this spring if they close as many schools in the district as they say they might...

3. Seeing my love. Yes, I am extremely lucky to have moved to Colorado Springs and to get to see him nearly every weekend. I am so grateful that I had that opportunity, but it was weird going from seeing him once every three months when we were long distance to seeing him every week! I don't get to see him every day, and I won't get to until we're married, so that will be a welcome change. However, after pilot training he will be deployed frequently, so we'll have to get used to all of that change... seeing each other a lot for a while and then not seeing each other at all for a while.

4. My tastes. I used to hate trying new things. I wasn't adventurous at all. I ate a lot of meat and vegetables, and that was pretty much it. Now, I am a vegetarian who loves trying all kinds of new cuisines. I have found a true love for Mexican food. Even higher ranking than that on my list is Mediterranean food. Along with expanding my horizons and trying new things, I have taught myself (with some help from Dan, as well) how to cook. I love being in the kitchen and making new things. I get excited to try my creations and even more excited when I try something new to surprise Dan with. It's a side of me I never saw coming, but I enjoy it a lot. Cooking is therapeutic for me, and I'm happy that I'm good at it.

5. Last but certainly not least: ME! I have changed immensely over the past two years. Let's face it. I change each week. I grow. I learn. I achieve new goals. Then I set new ones. I observe people better than me, and in turn, I better myself. I think of new ideas. I put forth effort to produce said new ideas. My brain is constantly moving, and I am forever changing.

Until tomorrow,


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