Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Stormy!

Well, today is January 31st, and this marks my 31st blog post... which means that SO FAR I have upheld my New Year's Resolution of writing in my blog every single day. We'll see if I can keep it up, but I'm enjoying it so far! :)

Now for the fun part of my post... SOMETIME in January was Stormy's birthday! She turned five! Unlike Gilligan's birthday (April 17th, 2007), I do not know the exact date of Stormy's birth, just that it was in January of 2007. She is Gilligan's big sister in age, but she will always be his little sister at heart. She's a tiny little thing, and I got her about four months after I got Gilligan. They are best buddies, and they love the run, play, and wreak general havoc in my apartment.

When I first went to Wayside Waifs to find another kitten for Gilligan, I decided to let a cat choose me. I walked around, talking to the workers, seeing if they had any opinions since I had a little baby kitten at home already. I quickly decided that I wanted a female because I didn't want two males competing over anything. I went inside a little room with a litter of kittens playing inside. I sat down on a bench, and Stormy (who was then named Samantha) jumped up onto my lap and started purring like I had never heard (and haven't since then, ironically). She wouldn't leave my lap, and I instantly knew it was her. She was the chosen one. I filled out all the paperwork and promised I'd be back in a few days to pick her up.

I swung by and got her on my way to my grandma's house for Thanksgiving break that year since that's where Gilligan stayed on all school breaks. I took her to the vet immediately because I worked at an animal hospital. I wanted to make sure she was okay and clear of everything before taking her back to Gilligan. She was fine, so onward we went! Gilligan saw Stormy and instantly saw a playmate. Stormy saw Gilligan and instantly saw a rival. They hissed at each other for about an hour, and my grandma and I were pretty nervous. I was wondering what I had done. Then, before even bedtime that night (maybe four hours later), we found the two curled up, snuggling and sleeping together in the same tiny cat bed, even though there were two separate ones for them. Sure, they fight occasionally like all siblings, but they are best buds. Stormy is an interesting character, and everyone who meets her remembers her.

When she first met Dan, she was sitting on his lap, and he was petting her. He stopped (for unknown reasons), and she let him know she meant business by biting all the way through the top of his hand! We weren't even dating at that point, so it's a miracle he ever came back. Now everyone refers to Stormy as Dan's cat. She LOVES him and follows him around everywhere on the weekends. She looks for him throughout the week when he's not here. And when he left for USAFA Basic Training in the summer of 2010, she was SO upset. She couldn't believe that we left the apartment together, yet I came home alone.  Luckily, he had left a pair of his ABUs on the couch, and Stormy curled up on them and moped for 24 full hours. She missed him more than I did!

Anyway, that's enough stories for now. I don't want to sound TOO crazy. You didn't think I was going to end this post before posting pictures, though, did you? Of course not! Here's my baby!

Well, that's enough pictures of my baby, but isn't she ADORABLE? See you in February! :)


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