Friday, January 13, 2012


It is Friday night, Dan is sitting by my side, and I have had two margaritas and a glass of wine. Please excuse any typos or random ideas that do not make sense.

We currently have my cats (or should I say one cat, Gilligan... Stormy is a tiny thing!) on an exercise plan. He eats the same as always, which is Sensitive Systems, due to his hernia that causes him to throw up nearly every day. However, my spoiled cats received a laser pointer for Christmas, and every single day Gilligan has been chasing the little red dot that he will never be able to catch. He runs and runs all evening long, chasing that dot. (I hope it annoys the downstairs neighbors who are really annoying... because, yes, my cat DOES weight that much.) I don't know if he's making any progress, but I'll try weighing him in a few weeks. I want to give it a while. He could stand to lose a few pounds, though. Stormy plays with the laser as well, but she is hilarious with it. She will "eat" it off her own body and get so frustrated when it stays there. 

In other news, my favorite and most spunky little guy had his last day in my class today. It was really sad because we had a really nice relationship. He ate lunch with me a couple times a week, and he really trusted me when he didn't trust others. I am sad to see him go, but he was in a poor situation, and I am happy for him to be able to move on from it. He promised me that he would visit me as he was hugging me goodbye.

As for this weekend, I am excited to have a couple days off of work. I really wish I had a three day weekend like everyone else in the world, though. We don't get Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off on Monday, and I am not too pleased about it. Dan has the day off, and I was really hoping to spend that time with him. I can't choose, though, so he is planning on having a lunch date (is that the wrong word for two guys?) in Pueblo with a friend on Monday while I'm working, so he will come see my classroom after school. I'm excited for him to see everything and meet some of my co-workers since he has not had the opportunity to yet! 

Okay, well, I am done rambling for the evening. Have a great weekend, everyone! 


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