Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend... Finally!

This week was so long. I think it felt extra long because I had to work on Monday, which was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Blah. The kids were crazy, as usual, but I did have a REALLY good day with them on Wednesday all day, and today wasn't half bad either. That's a good start to my weekend! :)

Now, I am getting ready to meet up with Emily to have dinner and catch up. We haven't seen each other since before winter break, which is way too long. I am also excited to have a margarita... yummy!

Tomorrow, Dan has Flying Team practice in the morning, but I will pick him up after that. I can't wait to spend most of the weekend with him.

Sorry this post is so short, but yesterday's was super long, and I am kind of in a hurry today. I just needed to get my daily update in. Farewell... for a day!


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