Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Blues

I was sad to see the weekend disappear so quickly, and when I had to take Dan back to the Academy last night, I knew it was over. Sunday nights are always the worst. I hate taking him back, knowing that when I get home I have only a couple of productive hours before going to sleep, only to wake up for a week of mass chaos with 12 year olds.

In other news, my day was stressful. I had an early meeting that took up my planning time, so I'm glad I got to my classroom early to prep for the day. Then, I had my monthly observation from the company that the district hired to come in and watch us. I don't know why, but I STILL hate being observed, even though I know every language arts and every math teacher in the building is being observed too. Oh well. They are only in the building for two days a month, so after tomorrow is over, I'll be back to normal. State standardized testing is coming up in March, so I am hitting grammar hard right now. I am amazed at how many of them do not know ANYTHING. What did they learn in elementary school? Apparently nothing. A few of them already know it all, so they are rockstars and very helpful... but I'm finding it tough to accommodate to all of their needs.

I cleaned my MacBook Pro tonight because I had been putting it off for a while. And let's face it: ANYTHING is more interesting than making lesson plans when you are already stressed. Now, it looks all shiny and new, and I love it! I need to order a new cover to fit it, though, because my old one is falling apart.

I am excited to report that I got an e-mail from Walgreens saying that my photo order has shipped, so I am looking forward to creating a masterpiece sometime soon to hang in my living room. I bought some supplies, and I will take pictures (of pictures! woo!) as soon as I make the project. I'm excited to show it off, of course, as the pictures are from our engagement session.

Well, I think I've updated all I needed to, so I'm going to go read for a while and hit the hay. I hate how much sleep I need. It's NOT normal for anyone, but apparently I've always been that way. Most people just call me an old lady, but I know I sleep more than my grandma. Okay, bye.


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