Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blast From the Past: Halloween 2010

Well, I was trying to hold off on this post until next week since it's Halloween then, but if I want to finish catching up with my Blasts From the Past, then I need to get buys!

Halloween 2010 was two years ago now, and it was my first one in Colorado. I had a great idea for a costume, and I refused to tell Dan what it was until I put it on. I decided to be Amelia Earhart that year (because he is oh-so obsessed with her!), and I really like how the costume turned out.

Earlier that month, we went to the pumpkin patch / petting zoo, and it was a lot of fun. Dan is wearing his service dress in the pictures because he was still a four degree at the Air Force Academy, so that's why he looks a bit silly. There was also an Air Force football game that day, earlier in the evening, so there will be a few photos from that event as well!

Reliving my favorite season with my favorite person just two years ago is bringing back great memories! :)

(haha, excuse my face!)

Halloween is such a fun time! I wish I had something to do for it this year, but it's on a Wednesday night (blah being an adult with a real job! haha), and my handsome fiancé is out of town... but that's okay. Next year will just have to be twice as big! :) 

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