Sunday, October 14, 2012

Teacher Work Day

On Friday, I had a teacher work day. How much work did I get done? Well, I had nine things on a to-do list, and I officially accomplished TWO of those things. Before you think I'm crazy, I really was trying. It turns out that we had an impromptu staff meeting that lasted two of my precious eight hours. Then, everyone was assigned to grade district assessments. We thought we would be getting the same number to grade as the students we have (23), but we all ended up with over 250 of them -- yikes! There goes another three hours of my precious eight hours to work. Then, we had an hour-long staff lunch for Boss's day, where we all brought in something yummy... so now six of my eight hours are gone. I worked for another 30 minutes to put in my grades and post them for the quarter, which left me precisely 90 minutes to do everything I needed to. Man. Time flies when you need it...

Tomorrow is a new week and a new quarter, though, and I am heading in a bit early to finish a couple of the things I didn't get done on Friday (like sanitizing and disinfecting the entire classroom!).

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