Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fun Friday Night Out

Last night, Dan's Flying Team had a send-off dinner at Edelweiss, one of our favorite restaurants in Colorado Springs. They left for Regionals in Provo, Utah early this morning, so they wanted to have a big dinner with lots of beer beforehand. It was a success. Dan successfully ordered AND finished an entire boot of beer -- 82 ounces of it, in fact! It was pretty humorous because when he food came, he had no room left in his stomach... so he immediately had it boxed up, and he had it for breakfast this morning before hitting the road.

This is his 82 oz. beer next to my tiny glass of wine! 

It was SO big!

He enjoyed that beer, but I bet he never attempts it again... ;)

I wanted a picture with him before he left. That was such a fun dinner! :) 

Wish Dan's team luck over this next week as they compete at Regionals of a flying competition. Dan is competing in several events, and I'm sure he'll do great. His number one fan is rooting for him back at home, anyway! :) 

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