Friday, February 3, 2012

Another Week Down

I can't believe how fast the weeks are seeming to pass lately. It sure doesn't feel like it when I'm waking up at 6:00 in the morning every day and spending all of my time with 12 year olds, but once Friday evening hits, I wonder where the time went.

Dan is at the Academy tonight because of some training, but I will be able to pick him up in the morning. I can't wait to see him and spend a bit of time with him this weekend! We will be preparing all kinds of yummy dishes for the Superbowl party we are hosting on Sunday. Several friends will be joining us for that occasion, and I can't wait!

Right now, Joe (a friend and also Ellie's husband) is staying with me, and we had Noodles and Company for dinner and then decided we wanted to make cookies. Fine, right? No big deal. The problem was that Dan and I had previously made cookie dough and froze it, so Joe and I had to wait for the dough to thaw. We got impatient, so we first placed it under his (very warm) laptop, hoping that would do the trick. Since it didn't, and Yahoo answers advised us not to microwave it, we stuck it in a sink full of hot water (in a Ziploc baggie, of course), which worked really well... until I checked to see if it was ready, and the middle part was still a solid brick of frozen-ness, while the outsides were all gooey. I got them onto the cookie pan anyway, and they baked like normal. We're waiting for them to cool now, and I hope they turned out like they were supposed to and not some interestingly gooey mess... but that may taste good as well.

Well, I am off for the night. I'm going to feast on some freshly made peanut butter fudge cookies, read for a while, and get some sleep!


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