Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Parent Teacher Conferences

Today it was back to school! After all, I had a three day weekend for President's Day on Monday, and then Tuesday we had parent teacher conferences... so I was at school that day, but I didn't teach all day, so I don't count it as a day. I got to go in at 11:30, but I had to stay until 7:00. I only had 21 parents show up for conferences, and two of those were different parents for the same kid... so really, I only had 20 DIFFERENT kids' parents show up. I teach 105 kids throughout the day, so to say I am disappointed with the turnout would be an understatement. I can't believe so many parents don't care about or prioritize their children's education. That just makes me sad. I promise to be at every single one of those for my future kids, even if they are passing with flying colors.

What conferences DID do for me, though, is show me that I do teach many GREAT kids. Whose parents do you think showed up for the most part? Those kids' parents. And it was nice meeting with them one on one and having nothing but positive, glowing reviews to give. I really did need to see that. Sometimes it's hard to remember why I'm doing what I'm doing, and that helped remind me.

Today, my sixth grade team had a meeting with one of our frequent flyers (aka he's in trouble all the time). He was last suspended for pulling out a knife at school. He came up with an AMAZING plan to keep himself on track and to do all of the work he needs to in order to catch up. He sounded genuine, and today he was a gem. If this ONE kiddo can pull himself through and make it to seventh grade happy and healthy, I will call this year a success.

This evening, I picked up Dan at the Academy, and we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant in the Springs, Amanda's Fonda, for a nice meal and margaritas. After all, today is National Margarita Day! Then, we went to Best Buy and played with their Wii and ventured through Barnes & Noble just because we could. It's nice to have random nights with him where we can have a blast together and I can get lost in our love for a few hours.

It's a late night for me tonight, though, as I didn't get home until 9:30 and had to shower. I am going to read on my Nook for a while and get some sleep.


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