Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sick Again

Just as I was finally thinking my sinus infection had cleared, I developed cold-like symptoms. My nose got runny again (just a day or two after it finally went away from the last time), and this morning I woke up with body aches, chills, and a sore throat. GREAT. I went to work anyway because I didn't have ANY sub plans prepared. I made it through the day somehow (with a lot of group work amongst the kiddos because I couldn't talk too much), but I made sure to prep my boards for tomorrow, type out sub plans, leave names of responsible kids, and request a sub. Luckily, I checked online, and one of the best agreed to take my classes for tomorrow, so now I can sleep easy tonight.

I know I shouldn't be shocked that I am getting sick so often. I AM working around grimy 12 year olds all day, and they don't know how to use a Kleenex. Sometimes they are pretty gross, and I am learning a lot about parenting from this. I will need to remember that yes, you DO have to teach your kids how to blow their noses... how to wipe them... how to wash their hands afterward... how to not touch everyone else's things afterward. Good to know. I think the only reason I'm surprised I've been sick so much is because I hadn't been sick in two and a half years, so this whole thing is completely wearing down my body. I know part of it is also stress. Since I am so stressed lately, my immunity is down, and that doesn't help things either.

I just soaked my feet in the awesome foot spa I have with eucalyptus dead sea salts, and I feel better already. I'm drinking hot herbal peppermint tea, lounging in my favorite (and super comfortable) Air Force sweat pants, and plan on reading a few chapters of my book before going to sleep with TWO Nyquil pills that will hopefully knock me out GOOD and allow me to sleep until at least 10 or so. I don't have anything I need to get done tomorrow because I was a good girl and left ALL of my teaching stuff at the school so I WOULDN'T work on it. I need to take some time for ME. I will rest all day and be happy.

I will write more tomorrow... wish me luck for kicking this bug soon!


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