Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally Friday

Today is Friday -- hooray! :)

Work wasn't so bad today because the kids had themselves under (somewhat) control for a change. What a nice way to begin my weekend.

After work, I drove up the Academy to pick Dan up. He has the entire weekend free with no commitments to that place. It feel so nice to have him all to myself, even if it's just four a couple of days.

On the way home, we went to India Palace, a place we had a Rubber Dollar Coupon for, and had an AMAZING dinner. We shared an appetizer and entree, and they had just the right amount of spice! Yum! :) Then, we stopped at Blockbuster inside Safeway to rent a movie. We had a promo code for that (of course) so we rented The Change Up, which was hilarious. We laughed all the way through, and it was a good time. And it almost made me forget to write a blog post today -- oops!

We don't have too much else planned for the weekend other than my surprise for Dan tomorrow for our anniversary. We are also going to make a romantic dinner together, but we're not sure what we'll make for that yet. It will involve wine for sure.

I'm off to enjoy my time with Dan...


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