Friday, February 10, 2012

Crazy Friday

Today was just another typical Friday, except the kids were crazier than normal, the classes were shorter than normal, and we had an interesting assembly at the end of the day, featuring staff members dressed up as all kinds of celebrities. It was pretty entertaining, but then the Friday afternoon meetings began, and I am overwhelmed again because of the research project I will be teaching soon.

Seriously, there is no way sixth graders are going to learn how to write a research paper at the caliber they're wanting. It's not possible for NORMAL sixth graders. Now think about the 38 shoved into one class that is OUT OF CONTROL. Impossible I tell you. We'll see how it goes.

After work, I met Dan, Aaron, Joe, Ellie, Stephen, and Emily for dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and we had a good time with fried pickles and margaritas. It's time for bed now because I am absolutely EXHAUSTED (and still not feeling 100%). Dan has Flying Team practice all day tomorrow, but since he's staying with me tonight, he'll be taking my car tomorrow. I have some lesson planning to do for work anyway, so I'll be cleaning my apartment and getting that work done... and then we are going out for one of pour anniversary celebrations... yay! I'll report back about that tomorrow or Sunday.


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