Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just Another Wednesday

Today was a not so nice day, but the evening was great. It started off okay, but I got a really bad sinus headache in the middle of the day, and that ALWAYS amplifies all of the kids' talking by ten for some reason, although I would think it'd be the other way. My ears clog up when my sinuses are messed up, yet I hear things louder than normal? That doesn't make sense. But I made it through the day with a few incidents (of course). I dealt with everything as quickly as possible after school so I could run out the door -- Wednesday night is date night for Dan and me at the Academy.

I left Pueblo and headed to Schlotzky's in Colorado Springs to grab sandwiches and soup for us. I was really craving their "cheese original" sandwich; it's just three melted cheeses with mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and onion (I ask for no black olives, duh!), but it was sounding so good (and oh, it was!). I ordered the Pastrami Reuben for Dan, and he enjoyed that as well, and we split a broccoli and cheese soup. YUM. We ate our dinner in the Oasis in Sijan (his dormitory building), and it was nice to sit at real tables instead of in the back of my car. We made cappuccinos and mochas to go with our dinner (because they have a really cool machine that makes whatever you want), and I added tiramisu syrup to mine. It was divine.

What was better than the food, though, was the company. 

Dan always makes my rough days better, and just talking to him about the shenanigans at school (I know it's work, but I work in a school, and it just feels natural to call it "school") makes everything seem more normal. I really can't wait to have that man in my life every day instead of just on weekends and some Wednesday evenings. We're down to two years and less than four months until the wedding, and it couldn't come quickly enough.

Since I am stressing out about work, I am going to try to post things that make me smile each day. I think it will help change my attitude and make things more bearable. Today, I had an interesting conversation with a kiddo during a vocabulary lesson. It went like this:

Ms. Vannice: "Use the word 'degraded' in a sentence."
6th Grade Boy: "My mom degraded the cheese."
Ms. Vannice: "Really? How did she do that?"
6th Grade Boy: She deGRADED it!"
Ms. Vannice: "Poor cheese."
6th Grade Boy: *confused look*

Needless to say, I was almost on the floor laughing. It was so cute and funny. Moments like that get me through the rough days.


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  1. :) this post made me smile. you guys are so great together! can't wait to see you both again!