Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blast From the Past: Fall of 2010

Right after Dan got out of BCT in the late summer of 2010, I was ecstatic! Not only did we get to TALK again, but we got to SEE EACH OTHER again. It was fantastic, and the best decision I ever made was moving out to Colorado. It was great being able to go to little events with him, such as the Tops in Blues concert, soccer games, football games, and many others. 

We went to an AMAZING Tops in Blues concert in Arnold Hall :) 

One evening, I brought dinner to the Academy for Dan and some of his friends, and then we went to a soccer game. This is one of my favorite pictures of us EVER. :)

I made cupcakes to take to the football tailgate for Dan's squadron (then 18, the Nightriders)... they loved them, and they were fun to make! :) 

Dan had fun with the little parachute guys from the cupcakes! 

Dan with a couple friends, Jarod and Lindsey, enjoying some cupcakes...

Emily and I got copies of the US Constitution as we went into one of the football games... along with little American flags :) 

the giant flag was brought out at half time... I LOVE FALCON FOOTBALL GAMES! 

Well, I need to get some work done and get some sleep...

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