Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blast From the Past: USAFA Parents' Weekend 2010

Shortly after Dan finished his final BCT, school started. One month later, Parents' Weekend happened, and this time, I didn't have to travel for it. I was already living in Colorado Springs, and that worked out beautifully. I had a wonderful time that weekend meeting other cadet girlfriends for dinner, tailgating before the football game, going to the game (and hanging out with more girlfriends), and then spending time camping (kind of...) off base for the rest of the weekend! It was a great way to spend a weekend with Dan, and it was the first step to him getting me to enjoy camping (it worked...)

Girlfriend get together at Red Robin the night before -- so many girls showed up! :)

Before classes... too early in the morning! 

You know me and my camera... always together.

Dan wanted to get ahead on some homework so he wouldn't have to do it over our weekend together. I took a nap in his bed while he worked, and I snapped this picture while he thought I was still asleep. ;) 

I went to an Engineering class with Dan. He was building a rocket :)

Dan's freshman squadron, 18 (the Nightriders), in the parade. He's in the very back on the side closest to the camera! :) 

I got to wear the fun "bus driver" cap before going to the football game...

Girlfriends! :)

Emily and I wearing the shirts I designed...

And the backs of our shirts... when we realized we have similar future last names!

Some of the 2014 girlfriends who met up at halftime... we were all looking at different cameras! 

A bunch of girlfriends (every class) got together for a picture under the scoreboard at halftime! :) 

I love this picture of us... especially the blue glitter under my eyes! ha!

I got to meet "The Bird"... yep, that's his name. Creative, right? 

After the game, we drove to Farish in Woodland Park. This may look familiar because it's where we're getting married in just 20 months! :) 

We stayed in this little cabin. Dan was easing me into "real" camping, which we now do.

At Farish...

We rented paddle boats and had a lot of fun in that lake!

When we came back from camping, we decided to go to a big arcade... and we FINALLY got a picture in a photo booth! We had been trying for a year and a half, but every time we were together and found one, it was broken. We were excited! :)

One last picture right before I took Dan back to the Academy!

We had a blast spending that time together, and we were so lucky to have been able to "go away" for a couple days of it, spending time in nature and away from the "real world". It seems crazy that it's already been two years since that wonderful weekend, and we have only one more Parents' Weekend to attend before Dan graduates and we get married! Yay! 

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