Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time Flies

It seems like I was just waking up on Monday morning for work, and now it's already Wednesday night. It's crazy. I already have one of my classes planned out for all of next week, so it feels GREAT to be ahead. Dan has a dinner he has to attend on Friday evening, so I plan on planning my other class for the entire week. This time, I am going to make daily lesson plans too and not just overall unit plans. I'm excited to get ahead just a little bit.

I am hoping to head to a coffeehouse or something on Saturday morning to work on editing my novel. I have neglected it, and I have been feeling a REAL urge lately kick in and tell me to get it done. I wrote the dang thing almost two years ago now... and I don't want to use "too busy at work" to procrastinate any longer. That's why I want to get my planning done by Friday night, and while Dan is flying on Saturday, I am going to edit at least two chapters of the novel. I have one finished, and I'm highlighting things on the Word document that I need to look up further before moving on to the next step... I can't wait to read through it again!

This evening, I spent a lot of time working on making some SWEET flash cards for my vocabulary units for the duration of the year. I am designing them on Photoshop and having them printed through Snapfish, and then I'm going to laminate them at the school so I can reuse them. It's a big undertaking right now, but I hope to continue to use these wherever I end up in the future.

I need to get some sleep now. I stay up way too late. It's 10:06pm, and yes, that is too late for this old lady. That alarm goes off at 5:50, and that is too early...

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