Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Week Ahead

Tomorrow begins a new week at work/school (I never know which to call it). I am looking forward to trying a few new things out this week, such as a new vocabulary program. What I did last week bombed. I had two students score 100% on the test on Friday, and that's not okay with me. I am going to be trying some new things this week to see if I can make sure more students completely KNOW the material. They worked hard, but it just wasn't enough. Here's to new beginnings! :)

I'm also going to try really hard to have my entire unit planned by Friday evening so that I can spend that time making my individual lesson plans for the following week during that time. Making my unit plans Friday night worked out well this time, but I want to have the individual lessons done too (and possibly even my daily PowerPoint presentations for each class!) We'll see. I'm trying to get into a GOOD habit of getting things done EARLY so I still have time to relax and enjoy my weekends.

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