Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thursday? Oops.

Well, I'm getting REALLY bad. I missed two days in a row -- eek! I'm going to make up for it right now, though. I feel overwhelmed being behind. I don't like excuses. At all. But I will say that part of Dan's family has been in town, and I've had SO much going on... blah blah blah.

Thursday after work, I picked up a friend/fellow USAFA girlfriend at the airport, and we hung out for a couple hours before heading to the USAFA Girlfriend/Fiancée dinner at Red Robin, which was fun as usual, even though we had a low turnout for some reason. Oh well. It was a blast talking to the ladies who showed up, and I am SO VERY THANKFUL for the support system I've had with them over the past 3+ years.

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