Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday? Dang it!

Instead of going to classes with Dan on Friday like is normal for Parents' Weekend at the Academy, I decided to work instead. I just don't want to use up sick days so soon. I guess I am kind of stingy. Oh well. I had a wonderful day at work, and then I went to the USAFA Flying Team's dinner/fundraiser event, and that was cool. I'm excited to order a t-shirt from them soon so I can really 'rep' his team. Since it's not really an athletic team, it's tough to actually show support!

We stopped at my favorite ice cream place in the Springs, BJ's Velvet Freez, on the way home, and I had my usual toasted coconut ice cream cone. Then, Dan and I went to sleep pretty early because we had to wake up at 7:00 this morning for the Dirty Dash 4 mile race. It was awesome, and I will write about that next! :)

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