Monday, May 21, 2012

Roller Coaster Week

Ah, we meet again. This time I am writing my REAL post for the day, not just catching up. I can't believe I am such a scatter-brained freak lately. I am under a tremendous amount of stress right now, so I'm sure that adds to it.

This week is a roller coaster for sure. Yesterday, Dan got back in town after ten days away (I know, not long at all, but still). I hung out with him and had a great time. Then today I had an AWFUL day at work. Afterward, though, I got to see my fiancé again and look at a house for me to rent (from his AOC), which I will be doing! It's really nice and in a great location in downtown Colorado Springs near the Olympic Complex. He had to be back because the whole cadet wing is in trouble for people fainting during a parade today. How lame. I plan on heading up there tomorrow (yes, I took three days off this week) to help him pack for his big month-long trip, and then we are meeting a few friends for a nice dinner out! Wednesday, I am picking up Eryn really early, and we're going to the Air Force Academy graduation in Falcon Stadium... we're pretty excited, but only because President Obama is the speaker! I am stoked and can't believe I have the opportunity to see the president speak in person! :) And then the rest of Wednesday is for Dan and me. We plan on having a picnic dinner at Garden of the Gods because it's our "summer" thing to do, and he leaves super early Thursday morning. I'm not looking forward to dropping him off at the airport, but I'm excited for him to experience China for a month. Hopefully we'll be able to explore it together someday. :)

That's enough for now. I'm tired! Good night...

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