Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Day Excitement!

Tomorrow is FINALLY the last day of school! I am more excited than anyone could ever imagine. It seems like all of my friends in Missouri have been finished for well over two weeks now, and even most of the other districts in Colorado have been out for almost a week. This race to the finish line has been tough, but it is all over tomorrow.

Friday is a teacher work day to clean out classrooms and whatnot, so technically I still have to go then, but my room is 90% finished and cleared out already. (Can you sense my enthusiasm?) I will miss some of those kids and many of the people I have worked with all year, but my summer could not get started soon enough.

I need to get some sleep, though. It was a long day with field day this afternoon, and I am exhausted from coming home and running after that.

OH! But before I rush off to bed, I need to point out that today is our wedding date... two years in the future. Yes, that's right: exactly two years from today, I will finally marry my best friend! I absolutely cannot wait! Hurry up, 2014! :)

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