Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Day In KC

Today, I woke up at my grandma's house, had breakfast, and drove to my mom's place. We went to lunch at Cheddar's, where I had a big salad. It was delicious. Then, we went grocery shopping and picked up many yummy things to eat during the week that I'm here. :)

We went to a teacher supply store here in Kansas City because the only ones I know of in Colorado Springs are only for elementary teachers, which I am not. I picked up several good posters (you know... the cheesy sayings you saw in your middle and high school classrooms? Yeah, those) to hang up in my beautiful new room, and some of them were 50-90% off! YEAH! :)

After all of that, I went for a ~3 mile run. Let me tell you just how hot it is here. I went from running in Colorado where it's about 80 degrees with NO humidity to running in 95 degrees with HIGH humidity. It was TORTURE, but I didn't let myself walk or stop, and I feel SO happy about that right now.

Tomorrow, some family members are coming over to play games and cook out. I'm excited about that. I better get some sleep now because I'm waking up super early to Skype with my handsome fiancé!

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