Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shock and Disbelief

Colorado Springs is burning to the ground right now. I can't even figure out my own thoughts. I am terrified for everyone who is in the path of the fire, devastated for everyone who has or is going to lose their home, confused about why ANYONE would do something like this (no, it hasn't been proven as arson yet, but they did rule out weather as a cause, so what does that leave?!)... I love this city so much and would live here forever if the military would permit it. I can't believe this is happening, and watching all of the people on the news who have los their homes is just heartbreaking. The entire mountainside looks like it's one giant, red flame.

I am SO sick over this. I am crying and throwing up. My stomach is killing me seeing this happen. I wish there was something I could to do help.

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