Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fun Day

Today, Dan and I got up early to head to Castle Rock for some outlet shopping. Just before we left, though, he got a text saying he had to check in at USAFA between noon and 2:00 since they had been all over the place since the Waldo Canyon Fire grew so big early in the week. That put a wrench in our plans, but it didn't stop us. We adjusted, and headed up to Castle Rock after he checked in.

We did some shopping for about an hour and a half and then headed to the 16th Street Mall area in Denver, where we went to a Da Vinci Machines exhibit, and that was pretty cool. Then, we had dinner at a Greek cafe, which was delicious, and went to see the Colorado Rockies play at Coors Field. After that, we had free ice cream cones from Burger King (coupons, yay!). Overall, it was a really fun day, and I will share pictures tomorrow!

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