Friday, June 1, 2012

Forgot Again...

I am getting so bad! Gosh! I forgot to blog last night... probably because I was so excited that TODAY was my last day at work! It was bittersweet, really. I already said goodbye to the kiddos on Thursday (yesterday), so today all I had to do was clean ut my room (what was left of it -- I had already done 90% of that ahead of time) and check out.

I ended up staying past the time I needed to to help a friend do some moving, and it was pretty tough saying goodbye to coworkers that I have gotten to know so well over the course of the year and am lucky enough to call friends.

a nice note left from one student :)

I went for a nice run when I got home, and now I will be relaxing all evening! It feels SO GOOD to say: "It's SUMMER!!!" I will write another post tonight to make up for the missed one yesterday, though. :)

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