Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jupiter the Cat

This morning, I woke up extremely early (and was off by an hour -- oops!) to Skype with Dan. It was great seeing him again, and I can't wait until it's actually in person instead. After that, I went outside to read, and my old cat Jupiter (who I got in the summer between 8th and 9th grade and then left at home when I went to college four years later) wanted out. I decided to let her come out with me even though she is strictly an indoor cat. She had a bit of fun exploring, and I took a few fun pictures of her. :)

After that, she whined and whined to get back outside ALL day. Oops.

My grandma came over for lunch, along with my aunt and uncle. It was a lot of fun catching up, eating appetizers, grilling out, and tasting some new drinks. :) All in all, it was a fun (and hot) day in Kansas City, and the coming week will bring even more fun!

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