Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy Monday

Today was pretty eventful! Dan and I are playing host to my mom and grandma. They are staying in my apartment this week as they visit beautiful Colorado Springs! :)

This morning, we went to Manitou Springs to eat at Uncle Sam's Pancake House for breakfast, a place we all enjoyed. I never eat out fo breakfast, so it was different, but who doesn't love a place with chile rellenos?! Then, we saw a little bit of Manitou Springs with them and headed out to Woodland Park to show them Farish Recreation Area, where we plan on having our wedding. It was as gorgeous as ever, and I absolutely cannot wait for that day to get here! From there, we went to Cripple Creek and enjoyed the mountain drive (took lots of pictures) and gambled a bit at the casinos! It was a lot of fun showing them what we do on a regular basis, so the day was good.

Dan has been a HUGE help to me this spring break by helping out (ahemactuallyfillingout) teaching job applications. He is SO AMAZING and has no idea how much stress he is alleviating from me. I LOVE THAT MAN.

Well, tomorrow morning I am heading to the movie theater with my grandma to see The Hunger Games... finally! I cannot wait. I've been dying to see it since Thursday night, and I am sure I'll write all about it tomorrow. The books are SO good! Also, I finished Jodi Picoult's Lone Wolf recently, so expect a review soon.

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