Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Night Fun

Well, the week of standardized testing is officially OVER!!! I can't brag too much about it yet, though, because all of my kiddos who were absent at any given time throughout the week will be pulled out to make up those tests next week, causing them to miss valuable class time with me. Luckily, I had fewer than ten kids (out of over 100) miss any of the tests they had to take, so it won't be TOO bad.

I had my worst moment of the year today at the very end of the day. I am in an intense power struggle with a 12 year old girl who reminds me way too much of myself. I have tried EVERYTHING to win her over, but she just won't have anything to do with it. I am running out of ideas, but I really want to get this all over with so she will actually LEARN again. I feel so bad.

In other news, the sink in my kitchen had been clogged for three days. I called my apartment office right away to let them know since I obviously know nothing about plumbing. They were supposed to fix it Wednesday. Then on Thursday. And then today when I got home from work and the water was still sitting in the sink (and starting to smell), I called again, and they were here within ten minutes to ix it. It turns out that there was a bunch of GREASE that solidified inside and cause a major blockage. Now, someone please tell me how that happened. I haven't eaten meat (or cooked anything in grease, ever) in almost four years. I've been living here since August, so I'm sure it wasn't already there... but how did that happen? AUGH. Oh well. At least I wasn't charged for it, and it's all over with now, and the dirty dishes were VERY QUICKLY loaded into the dishwasher to be cleaned. It is currently running, and although the noise of it annoys me, I am happy to know they will be clean soon. :)

Dan left last night for Lake Havasu, Arizona, and he will be gone until Monday night. I am going to dinner at Pueblo Viejo with Eryn tonight, and I am excited for margaritas, Mexican food, and lots of catch-up time. We were doing so well hanging out fairly often for a while, but again, work has consumed my time. I plan on vegging out for the rest of the weekend while grading papers and getting caught up in my online course. I also need to go grocery shopping and fit in a couple runs (hopefully outside if the weather is as beautiful as they say it will be!).

Well, I'll write more tomorrow,


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