Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Phi Sigma Pi Formal 2009

This is another "blast from the past" post. As I mentioned, I made a list of all of the events I would like to remember forever, and this one definitely falls into that category.

Exactly one month after our first date, Dan and I attended our co-ed fraternity's Formal together. Phi Sigma Pi is how we met, after all, and Dan was getting ready to leave for Sheppard Air Force Base for a little over a month, so we wanted to spend that time together for sure. I bought a nice, new dress, and he dressed up nicely as well.

Before going to the dance, we hung out at a friend's apartment and had a few drinks together. It was a cold, snowy day on March 25th, 2009, but we had a blast celebrating our first month together and spending time with lots of amazing friends.

Luckily, the fraternity had a bus to take us from Warrensburg, MO to Sedali, MO, about a half hour away. On the way there, Dan and I talked to one of my best friends and her boyfriend (Michelle and Matt). It was really fun, and when we got there we had dinner. It was an amazing experience because that is when I found out that I had one Miss Phi Sigma Pi for the year, and I got a tiara/crown to wear for the evening because of it. My Founders' Weekend Committee also was recognized for the weekend we put together. Last but certainly not least, Dan and I won the Cutest Couple Award! We were both surprised because there are several couples within the fraternity. I'm sure it was because we were so new at the time, only a month into our relationship. Nonetheless, it was an AWESOME night!

Oh, and did I mention that Dan told me he loved me for the very first time when we went back to his apartment afterward? He told me he had been waiting for a special time, and that was it. The rest is history! :)

I think we make quite the pair! :)

I will write more tomorrow,


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