Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday is for Tourism

Tourism: something I enjoy greatly but never have time to partake in... until today, that is. While my family is out visiting, we have enjoyed seeing quite a few things that Colorado Springs has to offer. We began with heading to one of our favorite spots for lunch, Heart of Jerusalem, where the wonderful people who work there were just as great today as always. We had tons of food to share and our own meals as well. Afterward, Dan and I took my mom and grandma to the Air Force Academy for a nice tour. We took them to the airfield first to show them the airplanes Dan flies. Then, we went to the Cadet Area, the Visitor's Center, and the Cadet Chapel. We also stopped at an overlook to take some more pictures.

We also took a nice drive through Garden of the Gods park, but the shops were already closed, so we'll head back there tomorrow. I love having it just up the road! :)

I'll write more when I have time... I need some ZZZs!

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