Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Testing, Track, and Trips

Today was day three of TCAP testing at my school. I'm getting pretty bored walking around silently while kids fill in bubbles, but it has been a nice break from all the lesson planning and noise. I'm not sure how I feel about testing week. I do like having one set of kiddos for such a long time, though, and all the snacks we are getting!

We had our first track meeting after school today, and it was great to see all the kids who are going to be on the team. It looks like we have a great group, and it was nice meeting the other coaches as well. I already knew one of them because he's a teacher at the same school, but the other two guys come down from two different high schools to coach, and I hadn't met them yet. It's going to be interesting being the only female coach, but I'm pretty much used to being the only female in the crowd. Our first practice is next Tuesday, and I am pumped! I can't wait to get out there with the kids. :)

Tonight, I am meeting Dan at 8:30 to grab ice cream and take him a couple things he needs. He is leaving town tomorrow to head to Lake Havasu in Arizona for a long weekend trip with his Flying Team buddies. They couldn't get the funding for their spring break trip (I'm not complaining!) so they are doing this instead. He leaves tomorrow afternoon, so we won't spend the weekend together like we normally do. I am taking him some treats I made for his teammates (Funfetti Puppy Chow), his flight suit that he forgot at my place over the weekend, and his passport so he can get all the forms filled out for his trip abroad this summer. He will be in China for four weeks from late May until late June working with Johnson and Johnson. That will be a great experience, but it will be weird being away from him for so long again! At least we'll be able to talk this time. :)

I'll write more tomorrow,


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