Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 5 of 30

I am so happy to be on spring break. Today is pretty laid-back. Dan and I took the fur-babies to the vet this morning for their booster shots, and once again, Gilligan was a very good boy, and Stormy tried to take off everyone's faces. That's what I expected, though. They're now lounging around, while Dan is at the woodshop making my birthday present (I know it's not till July; I'm confused as well). I am just unwinding from a busy week. I decided to post Day 5 of 30 today, since my mom and grandma get here tomorrow. I'll still update, but I don't know if I'll have time for any big updates. If you want to see what this blog challenge is all about, click here.

Today's Challenge: 5. What are the five things that make you most happy right now?

Ooh! I love thinking about happy things. This one will be fun. Here goes, in no particular order:

1. Dan. This one seems obvious, but not everyone realizes how supportive he is. When things aren't going well, he tries his very best to be the problem solver that I need him to be. Knowing that we have made it over so many hurdles in the past three years and that I am lucky enough to marry him in just over two years makes me speechless. I can't believe he is mine.

2. Running. I always feel 100% better after a run, even if the run doesn't go so well. It hurts, and it's tough, but when I accomplish what I wanted to, I feel great for hours. Maybe it's the runner's high, or maybe it's just how it makes my body feel... but either way, it definitely makes me happy.

3. My Cats. Gilligan and Stormy always cheer me up. They greet me at the door every single day, and they follow me around, sit on my sleep, cuddle with me, and sleep in my bed with me. Those two are pretty needy sometimes, but they are just so cute and sweet.

4. Reading/Writing. I decided to combine these two together because they KIND OF go hand in hand. Reading is something I do each night to calm myself before going to bed. It allows me to stop thinking about everything going on in my own life and focus instead on the fictional lives of the characters within the novels. Writing is something I also do each day (through blogging and otherwise) because it lets me get everything out that I need to.

5. Food. Did anyone NOT see this one coming? I love eating. It's a struggle because I love food so much. It doesn't have to be unhealthy food, though. I love fruit and veggies just as much as the junk, if not more. I could snack on chips and salsa all day, and making smoothies is something I enjoy almost every day. I look forward to what I eat, and I plan what I know I need.

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