Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Random Update

Today, I don't have too much to say. I'll keep it short.

- I found a very inappropriate picture on my desk this morning when I got to work. It was a lovely picture drawn by a student portraying me in a way I would rather not describe. I am NOT happy about it.

- I was called stupid by another student (or maybe the same one... I have no idea who drew the picture) later in the day.

- I got to have dinner with Dan! Yay! It was nice because he was out of town all last weekend. We ate at Subway on base, but it was nice just talking for a little while.

- I found vegetarian beer brats at Whole Foods that I will be picking up this weekend so we can grill. YES!

- Chobani Greek Yogurt now has a lemon flavor, and I am STOKED. I bought some this evening and can't wait to try it.

- I've been on a big green tea kick this week. Yum!

That's really all I have. I'll answer Day 2 of 30 tomorrow for Writing Prompt Thursday...

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