Monday, April 2, 2012

Book Review: Lone Wolf

I recently (as in nearly two weeks ago) finished an amazing book by my favorite author. Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult delivered on many levels, and I can't wait to encourage you to read it.

As many of you know, I have a Nook from Barnes & Noble, and it's how I prefer to read these days. That said, I refuse to buy any of Picoult's novels on it because I want the hardcover books for my bookcase. THAT is how much I like her writing. It seems that after each Picoult novel I read, I declare that one as my new favorite. I just can't choose which one is the best (although, I do have it narrowed down now). Lone Wolf was no exception, and I am pleased to report that it is, indeed, my new favorite. 

Jodi Picoult's newest novel is about a man named Luke who is a wolf enthusiast. In fact, he is more than that. He leaves his family (wife, son, and daughter) for two years to actually LIVE with the wolves in the Canadian wilderness. Throughout that time, most of his family grows to resent him, but his daughter Cara stays by his side. When Edward (the son) and Luke have a confrontation, Edward runs off to Thailand and settles down there teaching English and not communicating with his family. After Edward leaves, Luke's wife Georgie divorces him, causing Cara to blame her older brother for her parents splitting up. Georgie remarries and has two more children, while Cara chooses to live with her father, even if it means dealing with all of his wolf-like habits. They become closer than ever, and one night, Luke and Cara are in an accident. While Cara is okay with the exception of a hurt shoulder, Luke does not wake up. Instead, he is in a coma, and the prognosis is brim. 

Georgie rushes in to make sure Cara is okay, and then she contacts Edward in Thailand, who rushes home to see how he can help. Having not spoken to his father since their tiff six years earlier, Edward feels torn about making medical decisions on behalf of his father; however, he is the only one eligible, as Georgie is not Luke's wife anymore, and Cara is only 17 -- not the required 18 to make medical decisions for someone else. Edward realizes it's up to him, though, and he doesn't see the point in keeping his father on life support after what the doctors have said. Cara, on the other hand, has done her fair share of research and thinks their father will make a miraculous recovery. The siblings are at odds, and Cara believes Edward wants to pull the plug on their father because he hates him for their prior disagreement. What will happen? You read the book and find out! 

Although the novel sounds confusing, I promise you it is a page turner. I learned so much about wolves, family dynamics, and how the law works from this book, and I will recommend it up and down to everyone I know. In fact, I already sent it home with my grandma, who will read it and then give it to my mom to read. This is a book that EVERYONE, regardless of reading taste, should read. Have I given Picoult enough credit yet? 

I am now reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. I know, I know. How had I not read it yet? I'm unsure myself, but I am nearly finished with it already and will post a review when I'm done. Good night, world!

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