Monday, April 9, 2012

Track Meet #1

Today was the first track and field meet of the season, and it was a blast! The team did very well overall, and everyone was so happy! I convinced one of my girls to run the 800m (my old race) instead of the 200m. She was unhappy with my decision at first, but she ran it anyway, and she WON! She got first place in her very first 800m race! She was ecstatic and now cannot wait to do it again! Seeing her smile afterward was amazing! :)

Tomorrow is Dan's birthday, so I'll be seeing him for dinner. That should be fun. (He's lucky that he always gets to see me on his birthday. This will be four in a row! He's only been with me for a few hours of ONE of mine and will be missing mine again this summer.)

Well, I need to get some sleep. It was a long day, and tomorrow will be a long one as well. Good night, world.

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