Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Well, my spring break is officially over. I dropped Dan off at the Academy this evening, and my apartment already feels different. It's tough adjusting to being alone again after having him there for over a week. I'm used to it, though, and we only have two years and two months until we are married! Looking forward to that is keeping me going, and I can't wait!

Over spring break, many exciting things happened, and I will post pictures from the week in a much later post (I'm still catching up on old memories, remember? One day, I'll be all caught up!) I went to a teacher job fair and had seven interviews. I applied for 11 jobs (thanks, Dan!). My mom and grandma visited for four days. We went to all the touristy spots in Colorado Springs. We ate out way too much. We played with my cats. We caught up. We organized boxes. My apartment is now CLEAN (thanks again, Dan!). I have my lessons ready for the entire week, grades ready to post for the 3rd quarter, and seating charts made for the 4th quarter! We did a little wedding planning and found a few places to call to inquire about reception venues. AND we relaxed. :)

Now, I have 44 days left of school (that's not 44 total days but 44 school days... oh well, still cool). Track season officially starts tomorrow. I am hoping for some interviews in the next few weeks so I can secure a job for the next school year. Easter is this coming Sunday, so lunch/dinner will be amazing. Dan and I are running a 5K on Easter morning, so I will be training each night this week! Overall, I am feeling pretty refreshed and think I can make it to the end of the year... wish me luck!

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