Friday, April 6, 2012

Let's Go, Royals!

Hello! It's finally Friday, and that means it's the freakin' weekend... finally! I'm so happy to be able to sleep in tomorrow.

This week was long, but it wasn't too bad. School passed quickly each day, and track practice was always fun! I had a random dinner with Dan last night at Red Robin (yum!), and now he's at my place for the night, though he leaves at 6:00AM for Flying Team practice... oh well. He'll be back afterward, and we will have a fun weekend together! I am hoping to get a lot of stuff done tomorrow, and then on Sunday, we are running in the local Hams and Hamstrings 5K! :)

Right now, I am watching the Royals game, and it's making me miss going to games. I can't wait to be back in Kansas City for a bit this summer so I can go to one or two! I have plans for one already, but I'm hoping to go at least twice. I just love Kaufman Stadium. (I'm also super excited to hang out and wedding plan with my best friend!)

Let's Go, Royals! :)

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