Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teaching, Weather, and Running

Today was day two back at work after spring break, and the kids were ROWDY! That probably had a lot to do with the fact that it was 83 degrees over the weekend and sleeting/snowing all day today! They are always out of control when the weather is bad. Oh well; we should be back into the high 50s tomorrow! :)

My running is going great. I am feeling stronger every day, and I am making good choices when it comes to eating as well. Dan and I are running a 5K this Sunday, and I REALLY want to beat my time from the Thanksgiving 5K we did (do we only run races on holidays? This Sunday is Easter). 

I have decided to sign up for a few more races to keep me motivated. It seems like the only time I can make myself run (even though I enjoy it when I do it... it's so TOUGH to get motivated to actually DO it!) is when I have a race to train for. I found a 5K on Cinco de Mayo (yes, another holiday, haha!) that would be fun. There is a four mile race that I *might* do by myself, as Dan will be in Salina, KS for Flying Team Nationals near the end of May. And the Veteran's Home Run is on June 30th, about a week after Dan returns from his month long trip to China... so I hope we will be able to do that one together! All of those races should be incentive enough to keep me running (ie. training for the BIG rae in August... the half marathon!) We'll see what happens, though, because races are expensive. In my opinion, it's money well spent, though! :)

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